Paulius Šūmakaris

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2023 - Šūmakaris Paulius; Kovaitė Kristina; Korsakienė Renata. An integrated approach to evaluating eco-innovation strategies from the perspective of strategic green transformation: A case of the Lithuanian furniture industry. Sustainability. Basel: MDPI. vol. 15, iss. 11 (2023), p. 1-33. [ 003; S 008] [Aut.lankų sk.: 2.357]
2021 - Šūmakaris Paulius; Korsakienė Renata; Ščeulovs Deniss. Determinants of energy efficient innovation: A systematic literature review. Energies. Basel: MDPI. ISSN 1996-1073. vol. 14, iss. 22 (2021), p. 1-20. [ 003] [Aut.lankų sk.: 1.429]

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2020 - Kovaitė Kristina; Šūmakaris Paulius; Stankevičienė Jelena. Digital communication channels in Industry 4.0 implementation: the role of internal communication. Management: Journal of contemporary management issues. Split: University Split. ISSN 1331-0194. vol. 25, iss. 1 (2020), p. 171-191. [ 003; S 004; S 008] [Aut.lankų sk.: 1.500]
2020 - Šūmakaris Paulius; Ščeulovs Deniss; Korsakienė Renata. Current research trends on interrelationships of eco-innovation and internationalisation: a bibliometric analysis. Journal of risk and financial management. Basel: MDPI. ISSN 1911-8066. vol. 13, iss. 5 (2020), p. 1-16. [ 003] [Aut.lankų sk.: 1.143]

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2022 - Kovaitė Kristina; Šūmakaris Paulius; Korsakienė Renata. Sustainability in creative and cultural industries: a bibliometric analysis. Creativity studies. Vilnius: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. ISSN 2345-0479. vol. 15, iss. 1 (2022), p. 278-298. [ 003; S 008] [Aut.lankų sk.: 1.500]

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2019 - Kovaitė Kristina; Šūmakaris Paulius; Stankevičienė Jelena; Korsakienė Renata. Industry 4.0 as the driving force of SME internationalisation: a case of Lithuania. Economics and business. Riga: Riga Technical University. ISSN 2256-0386. vol. 33, iss. 1 (2019), p. 192-206. [ 003; S 004] [Aut.lankų sk.: 1.071]
2017 - Šūmakaris Paulius; Korsakienė Renata. Internationalization driving and hindering factors: the patterns traced in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises. Теоретичні і практичні аспекти економіки та інтелектуальної власності : збiрник наукових праць = Theoretical and practical aspects of economics and intellectual property : proceedings of scientific works. Mariupol: Priazovskyi State Technical University. ISSN 2225-6407. 2017, № 15, p. 49-53. [ 003] [Aut.lankų sk.: 0.357]

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2022 - Šūmakaris Paulius; Korsakienė Renata. Participation of manufacturing firms in global value chains and eco-innovation performance: A case of Lithuania. RTU 63rd international scientific conference on economics and entrepreneurship (SCEE’2022) : proceedings. Riga: Riga Technical University, 2022, p. 110-121. [ 003] [Aut.lankų sk.: 0.857]
2021 - Šūmakaris Paulius; Korsakienė Renata. Mapping the field of eco-innovation strategies: A review. International scientific conference "Contemporary issues in business, management and economics engineering 2021", 13–14 May 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, 2021, p. 1-9. [ 003] [Aut.lankų sk.: 0.643]

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2017 - Korsakienė Renata; Šūmakaris Paulius. Internationalization of small and medium size enterprises: the particular tendencies traced in Lithuania. Проблеми та перспективи розвитку економіки Донбасу і Приазов’я : міжнар. наук.-практ. конф. (Маріуполь, 25-26 травня 2017 = Problems and Prospects for Economic Development of Donbass and Azov Region: Int. Research Practice Conf. (Mariupol, May 25-26, 2017). Mariupol: Pryazovskyi State Technical University, 2017, p. 99-100. [ 003] [Aut.lankų sk.: 0.143]